Grounded spiritual growth.

We aim for ggrounded spiritual growth.h

If you have ever wished to grow spiritually and discipline your soul, you might have absorbed various energy works and mystic histories; have incorporated yoga, meditation in your daily routine; have studied for further career; have taken time on weekends to play with your children; and have spent descent time talking with your parents.

All of these will help you become and stay successful in gbusiness societyh, however, which has no relation to gspiritual growth.h No matter how many rungs you pass by, your soul keeps craving for its own growth. It fears of stagnation, gets irked to face sluggish self and envies runners in progress.

Myself human, I fear, feel irritated and envy the same way. There have been people, nevertheless, who have spiritually taken further steps while they see and talk with me, putting aside their preconceptions.

You would waste your time if you read this blog as catalyst for promotion and further career. If not, you may find here one of the best arts of soul maturation. You may take fruitful notice of life you have never earned.

The following articles will sound helpful to you, especially if you get by everyday with more or less financial difficulty or discrepancies in your family. First of all, souls develop without strong body or intrepid mentality. You would find your way out of the present state in order to gain much more blessed life just with healthy lifestyle and (koto-dama: words assuming spiritual energy).

Every one of you, who hold various dreams, strong beliefs. You may want to put piled biases of glife outlookh ever aside, before you read the articles. If you read the following statement and it keeps you interested in this blog, I am surely able to tell you distillates gained from my soul developments.

I scribe koto-dama here to put your preconceptions aside.

To everyone who have tried to nurture your soul just by prayer, meditation, fitness or love.

Change never comes through prayer to god; your soul growth stays undone.

Vast mind never comes by self-centered meditation; you stay entrapped into loneliness.

Strength of internal organs is never gained only by fitness; vitality fades away.

Skin-deep gI love youh never reaches the innermost; your heart goes frigid.

Is a ritual necessary for making a wish? Your prayer is already powerful even without othersf hand. More than anything, Let us say our prayers for those who want to cherish you, or who you think care about you.

Is meditation necessary for peace of mind? Just giving a hand to others gives rise to serenity. First, try to do something for others, no matter how small.

Do gym and vegetarian diet make you healthy? No sweat. Descent exercise outside and modestly tasted food suffice. Let us first care about drink and snacks you have before or after meals.

Do you think words of the dead enliven you? Words truly work for others only with careful intention. Let us daily see our word surely get to receivers.

Where we shed conceptions of god, introspection, body and word. This is the spiritual sphere. Let us circulate refined energy through every vein of soul.

Begins now unique upgrowth of your soul.


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