gNever do you get involved in conflicts, if you know how they occur.h [Goddess Durga]

I wondered how well I can converse with her. This attempt came just out of my curiosity. Then, letfs begin.


Then, letfs begin.

Me: Durga, you mentioned a premonition I had been dreaming of for 4 or 5 years. Why did you let me dream such a dream?

Durga: What I wanted you to know again was that understandings of principles on war make you peaceful, if you untangle histories from personal to cosmic, which imply galactic manipulators. I felt desperate to suggest that this awareness should be one of the best intense awakenings that prevail among people who have reached closest to a world without conflicts.

Me: You let me see very complicated romantic affairs that I wouldnft be able to imagine nor think of, let alone experience.

Durga: You should know this. Every phenomenon reduces to a very simple answer.

Me: What does it mean?

Durga: Every deed both good and bad comes from motives for the creatorfs approval, both you and me included. Infants run toward none but their parents, when they feel happy. The case is the same as this. We often exaggerate our deeds for constant acknowledgment from the light creator, and sometimes demonstrate our doing good with sincerity.

Me: Has every phenomenon been caused to be acclaimed by gthe light of the beginningh, which begot all souls?

Durga: No, Sayuri. Acclamation doesnft fit your idea. Acknowledgment matters here. People need attention, want to live in the memory of the light being. They want a genuine sense of personality, not one of masses. People on the earth always try keeping this real. This action never came from 'the light of the beginning' you mentioned. They seem giving rise to gcosmic revolutionh that none in the galaxy has ever accomplished in order to gain popularity among light beings.

Me: Indeed. We are innately prearranged to seek acknowledgement of parents right before us in the moment of the birth.

Durga: This instinct works among every existence in the galaxy, not only on the earth. Even in the case of gene editing and iconizing me by religious rulers to be like a goddess to make offerings to. Good and evil, light and darkness, good and bad people. All the beings want themselves to be acknowledged, without such bipolarities as these, that they have accomplished something in the universe.

( Durga has been depicted to behave fearful. A history says she wouldnft cooperate with people without offered corpse. I realized through channeling that she was made to sweep out stagnant evil by a creator. However, her image was distorted by rulers who feared her power; she was introduced to people on the earth with a prejudice that she requires sacrifice of humans to sweep out darkness. She has asked me to tell people that she originally requires no offerings.)

Me: I have been wondering about this. Why rulers have edited our genes and controlled economy. Besides, they need much more power though they already have one and seek authority higher than that they delight in now. I was thinking their action simply derives from fear. Just for consolidation of their power, they want the higher, I wondered.

Durga: That is solely because they want to be remembered by 'the light of the beginning.' Praise of course, even notoriety of tyrants and the religious members who disgraced me contribute to this cause. They and you would never live for acclamation. Every being faces a very elemental principle 'a want for acknowledgement of their existence.'

Me: Then 'cosmic beings who committed gene editing', who destroyed many galaxies and finally exploited the earth, caused a series of phenomena that engender every stagnancy and domination in order merely for acknowledgement from gthe light of the beginning.h

Durga: Exactly. Those in power wanted to be appreciated also by the earth and terrestrial goddesses at the same time, though they had been worshiped by masculine gods and multi-dimensional cosmic beings. Donft you think this happens among humans all the time, Sayuri. The harder you seek rapport, the more neighbors keep their distance. The harder you try to win favor, the weirder you behave.

Me: I see. This took shape in my dream I had that lovers hid in an attic.

Durga: The galaxy keeps changing without limits. And some ideas like yours have already surfaced. That your outlook on the universe is turning innovatively means that the same thing is happening among people on trillions of stars.

Me: If liberation of the earth stagnates as it does, would some people come to regard even gthe light of the beginningh to be a foe?

Durga: Yes. People on the earth tend to think that way, donft they? Parents are expected to reconsider their own thoughts and to hand down new and better outlooks on life to their children. Especially on the current earth have grown a lot of children as mentioned.

Me: Does it mean, for people you cherish, discarding soul parents in order to live a new paradigm of thought? In other words, changing goals once set by gthe light of the beginning?h

Dura: Yes, thatfs what I meant. It seems this idea tends to come to those with strong feminine energy.

Me: It sounds interestingca light that vanishes without understanding a new viewpoint.

Durga: 'The light of the beginning' is also challenging itself. It is concerned of whether it takes in a new outlook of the universe or not, because it is your parent. It sways as you do.

Me: I think I looked into a question about 'the light of the beginning' that I have been more or less bearing in my mind. What else do you want to tell me? Durga, how have you been able to live to this day, holding such a world view, without losing sight of the essence of your soul, while receiving offerings you have never demanded?

Durga: Sayuri, we are the same. Out of curiosity. I would like to see some goals even 'the light of the beginning' did not expected. This is not for someonefs approval. It is an energy to keep taking in new outlooks on the galaxy. 'The light of the beginning' took this way of thinking into account. That is, it had already expected that some souls would come into being who seek goals other than those set by itself. It tolerated this. 'The light of the beginning' has no regrets, even if it disappears. The thing goes as expected.

Me: It means that 'the light of the beginning' wanted to see a world where some souls run for goals other than the original it set, even if the universe sustains itself or not.

Durga: As you say. You would understand more if I put it this way. The souls are wanderers who keep traveling the galaxy to fulfill their curiosity, even if the world collapses.

Me: Ahc they are the 'light workers' and 'star seeds.'

Durga: Thatfs right. I am a goddess created by past light workers. What you call a higher self I am, I should say. I am an embodiment of an expectation same as I have. An embodiment that gained personality and will, working for liberation of the earth based on its own judgement. This is a goddess. A number of what once called light worker, who begot me, and what once called god that worked on the earth in the past have given up transmigration onto the earth as human beings. Exactly saying, they were not able to tough out enforced and cyclic transmigration. As you know, religious rulers have controlled the system of terrestrial transmigration. They couldnft keep pushing forward liberation of the globe within the domination only with little hope. This case is way different from yours.

Me: What are the light workers who gave birth to you doing right now?

Durga: They are mainly supporting liberation of the solar system somewhere else. However, rarely do they engage with the work because of traumata from the past plights.

Durga: This happens in the moment. None can hinder this process if terrestrial aims go beyond horizons of rulers, cosmic beings who gene-edited and moreover the resistance team related to people in the innermost earth. This is because liberation of the earth is brought about along with guidelines that sound almost unfamiliar to them.

Me: The inner-earth-beings and the resistance team give information to us every time people on the earth try to set a goal of terrestrial liberation solely by themselves.

Me: Yes. The cosmic side is desperate to share their vision of terrestrial liberation they have been preparing for thousands of years in order to be risk-free, because a goal set afresh will lead to unexpected consequences.

Durga: People on the earth may want to know this. Light workers who find themselves in financial trouble or no direct aids from the universe form their own measure of judgement. They are the most characteristic and the keenest visionaries in the universe. This critical ability kept themselves away from light groups that try to liberate the earth and dark groups that delay the liberation. Do you understand?

Me: Yes, I have been hated by both of the sides. I got really surprised with this.

Durga: You are now successful in contacting me as you became friends with mavericks who share similar opinions to yours.

Me: What we think risky matters, doesn't it? People on the earth, and those in worse trouble than me are the toughest and the strongest opinion holders. I think, more than anything, realization of their visions will be most threatening to cosmic beings.

Durga: Exactly.

Me: It begins to sound trivial that ether bombs explode under the crusts. What makes me more afraid of is that those who have uniquely evolved in unprecedented ways try to conquer the universe with enmity.

In a nutshell, I solely fear that human beings begin to enjoy inflicting pain on each other and on cosmic beings even after terrestrial liberation comes to an end. Of course, I'd like other beings to empathize with hardships of earthly life, since humans have struggled a lot so far. However, I wouldn't want the same conflict as between the light and the dark. We shouldn't do that again.

Durga: Sounds nice, that's it. We are here never to cause that again in the galaxy. My ego was able to revive among unfavorable offerings owing to wishes of light workers.

Me: I know that the war between the light and the dark began as the light groups ridiculed and ostracized the dark groups even without attempting to understand them. This cycle has been going for hundreds of million years. I realized today that they have kept this going merely to be employed by "the light of the beginning" as the front runner of next eras to come.

Durga: The principle of conflict is very simple, isn't it?

Me: Yes, it is. Very simple. Everything leads to the end. And passes it by.

Durga: That's the point. Passing by. The universe seems already replete with curiosities to know each other's energy without hierarchy and permission of 'the light of the beginning.' A new principle of want is working. Especially among light workers on the earth. Even most of the incarnate light workers, who retain strong self-discipline, are not able to resist their curiosity. The two groups both light and dark have felt threatened for the new energy wave where light and darkness can't get in. This tide would necessitate a new goal, because curiosity-upholder-side has gained much more energy. Even if inner-earth-beings and the resistance team draw an outline; even if bunch of rulers broadcast an end-of-the-world vision; the earth faces an innovation led by light workers' curiosities that newly take shape on the earth and goddesses and cosmic beings who sympathize with them.


Me: This is what made me contact you and want to know more about you. I got it now.

Durga: I really enjoyed seeing you discuss with 'the liberators.'

Me: Is that true? That's the way you saw me.

Durga: Yes, the scene was very unique and enjoyable. I hope to see one again. I'd like to see societies where every cosmic being can build relationships with mutual respect.

Me: Let's seek that goal. Anyway, I do. I want to do what I want to do. If impossible, I would rather vanish with my soul personality into light. This is how I feel. You could support our action anytime.

Durga: I'd love to, Sayuri. I would run for your support more than anything else.

Me: Thank you for today's message. I felt overwhelmed at first, but every image came organized in my mind in the end. This dialogue was tinged with your elegance and dexterity.

Durga: Thank you. I feel just buoyed up to be praised by someone I cheer on. See you again.

Me: Thank you. Goodbye.
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