Chakra Balancing

Introduction to chakra caring with earthly elements



Chakra: a swirl of energy that enlivens body

Chakra is a swirl of energy that vitalizes body. Each chakra has its own role, each balancing each other, supporting our body and emotion.

Let us think of blood. Blood is pumped by the heart from the right atrium, distributing enzymes and nutrients to every domain of body; it goes via internal organs and gets purified, coming back to the left atrium. Happens this every day. 6~10 tons of blood circulates through body by the same pressure as water coming out of an inverted plastic bottle.

Such an intricate DNA that body can process this circulation is embedded within us, balancing physical health without our notice.

The same goes to chakra circulation. Enormous amount of energy has flown since the birthday.

A chakrafs dominant factor seems to be color.

There has been a similar idea to mine in ethe Five Elementsf of western medicine. The Five Elements comprise wood, fire, soil, gold and water; every element has its color. As dividing bodily function into liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney, the idea helps us diagnose and organize body while seeing where is overused and where to empower.

The Five Elements encompasses not only body but also bodily flux from emotional influence. For example, diseases around lungs relate to eworryf and euneasiness.f Analyses like this have been succeeded to this day.

Chakra has a long history, which is famous among yogis. It is about balancing between body and emotion with intentional physical exercises. Chakra consists of seven or eight elements; though numbering is diverse among several traditions, the idea itself is basically common worldwide.

My research and praxis have revolved around this echakraf, which helps us keep equilibrium of peoplefs mind.

I do hope the following information helps you live a healthy life.


yCharacteristics of 8 chakrasz

zero chakraeearthly connectionf eblack (dark brown)f efootf
*some people call this first chakra.

1st chakraeactivenessf eredf ecrotchf

2nd chakraepower for realizationf eorange ( warm colors)f estomachf

3rd chakraereceptor of lovef epink (cherry blossom)f echestf

4th chakra eair flowf eyellowish green (green)f eback (upper chest)f

5thchakra eharmonyf ebluef eneckf

6th chakra econnection to finer@consciousnessf
etransparency(clearcrystal)f eoverheadf

7th chakra eintuitionf evioletf ethe middle of the eyebrowsf

8th chakra @@EEEEUnder studyEEEE

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