7th chakra


Role: Connection to a high-dimension consciousness

To put it simply, high-dimension consciousness means connection to consciousness of god. Divine mind exists inside oneself, but this time it means connection to god other than a soul you have. That is, high-dimension god. We live in relation to various consciousnesses. Such connections give us diverse information.

4th chakra helps us receive spiritual and cosmic power for living, but 7th chakra helps us keep our mind clear, letting us stick to light among a lot of consciousnesses.

Color: Transparent (clear crystal)

Transparent, sleek things suffice. Especially polished crystals exposed to sunshine or moonshine are favorable. When you use crystals, you may want to consider clearing up powers you don’t daily employ, while you receive power from the crystals.

Body part: overhead

Space in midair, over the head


You can tell what you want to keep and discard, arranging your emotions properly. Well-ordered information, emotions and mind are given by working 7th chakra.

Contrary to this, your emotion goes stiff with expectations and biases of others; no space left in mind for new information. It would also be difficult to see yourself objectively with 7th chakra in trouble.

Point to care: Stay in equal position

To keep this chakra, which connects to high-dimensions, you first want to put yourself on equal terms with anything: to yourself, neighbors, earth, god, high-dimension beings. These lead to light and in aequal position.

Every viewpoint is respectable. One of the best ideas for anything comes to you, if you have a measure to make decision, like “in order to feel genuine happiness.” This kind of mindset keeps your mind clear and helps you receive light that aids such a clearing.


I recommend that youpractice due meditationin order to constantly feel a sense of nothingness. Japanese style of meditation has many branches. You can enjoy finding the best one for yourself.If you try empowering the chakra, make sure of ‘grounding’ (that you remind yourself of your living on the earth).

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