Script of eOUT of SHADOWSf by out of shadows.org


Script of eOUT of SHADOWSf
by out of shadows.org (https://www.outofshadows.org)

This is a script I made by listening to the original video clip.

I hope this will be made use of for translation into foreign languages so that the video gets more popular and people find themselves again in another outlook on the current world affairs.


Why do you believe what you believe?

Because at some point in your life you trusted the information that somebody was giving you and that someone you trusted told you that a car was a car, a tree was a tree, a bird was a bird, the blue stuff above you is the sky and thatfs the way that we began to determine what we believe to be a fact.

Most of the things that we believed to be a fact in our lives are told to us through our stories or the news that we hear. So my question would be if they were deceiving you with the stories they tell you, would you be able to recognize that?

Man: So wefve all heard the term conspiracy theory personally. For me Ifve never had any time to get into that because frankly Ifm working all the time and I donft have the time to look into Bigfoot or aliens or Flat Earth or 9/11 conspiracy or the JFK assassination. Itfs not anything that I really have any backstory on. But the one thing that you have a lot of backstory on and one thing I do know a lot about is Hogwood.

When you think about the entertainment industry, what comes to mind? Movies, TV, music, right. Letfs talk about the same entertainment. What if this entertainment was more than just entertainment? When youfre driving home from work, what are you listening to? When you come home after a long day and turn on the TV, what do you see? Think about the all content youfve seen throughout your whole life? A lot of it has actually made us who we are today so gyou donft know whatfs really going on.h

Do you ever stop for just a second though, question the content?

The only thing we consume more than content is air, but we actually think about quality of the air we breathe. Maybe itfs time to take a closer look at our content. Our governments always control their content but that wefve just never paid attention.

gto work with the CIA to destabilize foreign countriesh

This media that wefre consuming at such a rapid rate. We need to slow down and think about what wefre consuming.

gWhat if the people in charge didnft have our best interests in mind?h

Now we have to ask ourselves. Whofs influencing our content?

gIs the CIA involved in Hollywood?h gYes.h


So for the past 28 years Ifve probably had one of the coolest jobs in the world. I was a professional stunt performer. Ifve worked with some of the biggest stars. Ifve got to be Batman. Ifve got to be James Bond. Ifve won World stunt Awards. I am in this Screen Actors Guild. Ifm in the DGA. Ifm in the WGA. Last year I got into in Academy, the Oscars. I worked my way up from being a stuntman to being a fight coordinator, doing a stunt coordinator, a second director. First big job I get, Ifm on Batman Forever and walking around set Ifm pinching myself looking over therefs Tommy Lee Jones, therefs Jim Carrey, Val Kilmer, therefs Drew Barrymore therefs Nicole Kidman and Ifm like howfd it get here?

I didnft really say Ifm gonna go be a stunt man I wanted to go make movies but being a stunt man was the easiest way for me to get into the business. I donft want to be an actor because like pretending to be a character, while being a stunt man I was that character I was the guy behind the illusion creating it for the guy whofs on the screen. I jumped out of that helicopter I was in that fireball. I did whatever being asked of the job.

Ifve had an amazing career and Ifve had an amazing life. But in the system that exists today as I get up the ladder, I realize itfs not what people think it is. Itfs an illusion. It is a complete illusion.

In 2014 I was working on a television show up in Portland and I had a catastrophic injury. Ifve done this stuff type of variation twenty times a week. It was nothing. There was a small fall down into a stairwell. I did the first take, find the second take. I knew I could do it better when up and I fell over the rail and I landed on the pipe down below and I burst fractured L2 vertebrae and I was paralyzed from the waist down. When you are injured, when you are catastrophically injured, it changes who you are. I knew from that day I would never be the athlete that I once was. I always told people as a stuntman the worst possible injury you can get is a lower back injury. You can break your legs your arms, whatever, but if you injure your lower back or hips your pelvic region, youfre done. There was two years that Ic I didnft think I would ever live without pain. One of the issues I was dealing with at that time was I had lost the feeling and I still have numbness in my thighs and on this half of my pelvic region. I was going to physical therapy and the lady looks at me and she goes gthis isnft really helping you ere way more advanced than this stuff.h I go, gyeah, I do this every morning.h She goes gwell, whatfs real issues really?h gItfs pelvic region.h So she said gokay, well therefs a woman who works here and she is a pelvic floor therapist.

So how I met Mike, his spine was broken and he had partial paralyzation of his pelvic floor area. We help people when they have problems with the most important functions in your life: bowel, bladder and sexual function.

So one day wefre in the middle of therapy and she stops me and she says gMike, you have, I feel like you have really dark spirits over you. Can I, can I pray for you?h And I was like gpray for me, yeah, sure. I donft believe that stuff anymore but yeah, go ahead pray for me.g So she prays for me. And I was kind of thinking while shefs doing it gokay, this is weird but okay whatever.h So for the next two or three months I would go and every now and then she would stop me and she said ghey can I pray?h

I was kind of a little bit disgusted with his personality, because he was all about himself and money and I think the Lord had a lot of work to do in terms of humility with him. He made it very clear that he thought I was crazy andc but he let me.

After she stopped one day I said, gyou are either 100% batshit crazy or you think all this is real in the spirit world; she looked at me and she said gMichael, I am one of the only pelvic floor therapists in Southern California at the time. And when these satanic people and these evil people do their rituals with little girls and women and boys, who do you think put them back together? I do. Itfs completely real and you need to look into it.h

My awakening, it didnft happen at church the way that some people find God. I just pretty much had given up my faith and Ifd given up where I was at and I was just kind of at the point where I was like gokay, Ifm gonna have the best time I can here and when I die I die thatfs it. I still wasnft sure if it was a hundred percent crazy or not but I was reading these articles and looking at these things and I was like, you know, Ifve seen things at parties Ifve seen artwork, Ifve seen statues, Ifve seen things in some peoplefs houses that just seemed to be mimicking a cult stuff Ifm reading about. So I was like maybe there is something to this. Ifm just gonna say this. I didnft find God because I went to church. I found God because I realized that the Luciferian and the other side, the occult world was real. And that I had been fooled for all these years and I didnft got really scared.

I got really scared because this was the first time in my life that I was having to question my own reality. Physically I was crushed, I wasnft gonna be who I was and spiritually, I mean, if Ifm being honest, I didnft know anything about being a Christian. I mean, really. And then professionally, everything that I knew about my career I was starting to look at in a different way, I was starting to question my career in Hollywood from a different perspective.

So I first got off social media and I made an anonymous account. I started reading blogs, looking at articles, I started reading books, started watching videos online, I just started searching for the truth and I was finding accounts that were searching for the truth themselves. They werenft mainstream accounts. These were accounts online that I felt like were like me. They were just looking for what the truth was. I didnft believe I was getting the truth from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, I donft believe any shit. I just wanted to read it, absorb it, digest it and trust what my gut told me I was reading.

As I did my research, I began to understand therefs a very small group of people that influence all the companies that we watch. So they used to call them the big six, but Disney just bought Fox and Disney controls Marvel and Disney owns Lucas studios, so look at that giant audience right here. Say a small group of people who control the narratives and the content that we all see on all the channels, it makes you feel like goh, I have lots of choices,h but you donft. Who is telling them what to put on those channels? Where does that lead?

gTonight the FBI is on the case and they are warning big companies in America to protect their data after a big Hollywood studio got hit by hackers and several blockbuster movies ended up online.h

gThis is the first time the United States has accused a foreign government of a cyber attack against an American corporation.h

This interested me because I worked over at Sony quite a bit during my career and I actually had to get life log during the Sony hack so I was, you know, I was curious, I was like what was this really about.

Well, the narrative put out in the public was Seth Rogen and James Franco made a movie about North Korea and so they were mad and so they decided to hack Sony to teach them a lesson. That was a public narrative that went out and thatfs what I was like gwell, that makes sense, you know. I know Seth and I know James and theyfre definitely pushed in the lope of comedy and their sense of humor is definitely their own. And I thought to myself gokay that makes sense.h

gNow private emails are going public.h

gItfs a public relations disaster.h

But what I found really interesting is I examine the wiki Leaks document. Was it showed that the heads of one of our biggest movie studios in America was in direct communication with very important people in our government. It didnft surprise me, I was like gokay, well, either their friends or there were something more to it. So I had never really thought about the government influence in our content or our stories.

Could they be influencing our story and our content? Like, if these were real questions that I never had asked myself, I just did the jobs, I went to work, I did my job, I did whatever was asked and went home. Never thought about this stuff. So I was like I donft really know anybody could answer these questions and I reached out of this guy who Ifd been watching online, his name was Kevin Shipp. And for those of you who donft know who Kevin shipp is, hefs a CI whistleblower, he worked in counterintelligence, and he served in many capacities in his tenure at the CIA.

gThis is the big picture, an official television report to the nation from the United States Army.h

An OSS memo, the precursor of the CIA, were they were doing a study of the use of motion pictures in America as a means of psychological warfare, so it goes all the way back to pre 1947 when U.S. intelligence was using motion pictures to alter the thinking of Americans in the United States.

gMorale of troops are high. Laughter, music and general entertainment which comes out of a single small package like this have helped to fuel that morale.h

The CIA is funneling information in to Hollywood, Hollywood is putting out in the movies and the population believes it.


This document right here is a FOIA document. Anybody in America, anybody can request this. Itfs Freedom of Information Act and in the 40s they were telling they controlled the radio stations, they controlled most of the mainstream media. Theyfre telling you right here that motion pictures are used as psychological warfare. Why would they stop doing it?

gIn no time as the CIA engaged in any political activity or any intelligence activity, it was not approved at the highest level.h

gAllen Dulles groomed and recruited Ian Fleming and Dulles and the CIA actually helped Fleming write his books and paint the CIA in a favorable light. And they also Dulles helped produce thunderball to make the CIA and agents look like honorable, you know, cool people. The CIA actually helped him write the books and write the script for that movie and the president of MPAA was actually providing intelligence to the CIA as an operative in that position in Hollywood.

gMr. Fleming in your books therefs a great amount of detail. Is this detail based on personal experience? Do you make it up? Where does it come from?h

gWell, I can say itfs 90 percent from personal experience really. Of course I, if I started sticking too close to the espionage, to espionage work today, Ifd spin trouble with the Official Secrets Act in England even supposing I had access to information.h


gWefll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is falseh

Therefs no question about the fact that the Mockingbird is real. It started out paying journalists in major media, Puritzer prize-winning journalists to print fake stories that the CIA wanted in the press and fake interviews. And this was revealed in the church committee.

Do you have any people being paid by the CIA, who are contributing to a major circulation of American journal. Do you have people who submit pieces to two other American journals.

Of course then the CIA destroyed the rest of the files which is what they do. George H.W. Bush came out and finally made the statement about Mockingbird, gwell wefre gonna officially stop the mockingbird program, the CIA will no longer pay journalists to write stories from now on the program is voluntary, which means Mockingbird continues today.

When is the last time youfve seen a mainstream media outlet do a serious investigative report on the actions of the CIA? Therefs a reason for that.

gThis would mean that the CIA could manipulate the news in the United States by channeling it through some foreign country and wefre looking at that very carefullyh

CBS News President
gI would think probably for a reporter who continue today but because of all of the revelations of the period of the 1970s, it seems to me that a reporter has got to be much more circumspect in doing it now or he runs the risk of at least being looked at with considerable disfavor by the public. I think youfve got to be much more careful about it.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

gThere is something about the way the CIA has been functioning that is casting a shadow on our historic position [of freedom] and I feel we need to correct it.h

Harry S. Truman
December 22, 1963
Op-ed, The Washington Post

Senator Moynihan proposed a bill to dismantle the CIA. Introduced it twice. The second time was 1995. Ironically one year later in 1996 the CIA established the entertainment liaison office which was specifically penetrated into Hollywood, and Chase Brandon was actually co-wrote scripts for example the recruit.

gLooking for high horsepower, high-energy, very competitive people driven by patriotism in a sense of one who serve a greater cause.h

gI am recruiting you.h gWhat? I have to kill anyone?h gWould you like to?h

So the CIA was and is in Hollywood, was and is contributing to Hollywood productions in that manipulation.

gNothing is more than it seems.h

I started to wake up, I never actually considered that the CIA had an office in Hollywood and Ifm like why I see this I see that and I started putting feelers out like gdoes anybody else see this stuff. And not many people were awake, but the one person that I reached out to is an old colleague of mine, a friend of mine named Brad Martin, and Brad Knight had similar careers we worked our way up through the business together. And Ifm like ghey Brad, do you see have you seen this youfve seen this, itfs a gap for sure. So that gave me strength. That gave me like gokay well Ifm not alone in this deal. Ifm gonna keep looking.

gLet me just say this. Brad, one of the greatest stunt man Ifve ever met, probably the best.h

Ifm a very physically creative person. Ifve been doing action for movies for 26 years. I excelled that the action aspect of it, a physical aspect I was doing the fights and the gymnastics and doing the falls and trained really hard to begin one of the top stuntman in the business. I started becoming a fight coordinator and then a stunt coordinator and then an action director. Very few people have ever gotten to where Ifve gotten to and Ifm super proud of what I did. I mean I had a very idealistic view of the movie business and Ifve been disillusioned a few times. It feel very much like therefs an agenda and every movie I realized that more of a machine and it was more of they just needed content to put out there for the masses. I stopped watching TV. I stopped really watching movies and one of the reasons why I stopped watching movies as I got into my research and whatfs going on in the world right now. And all the corruptness an all of the plot twists of reality. And I started realizing that reality is twenty times more interesting than Hollywood. I mean I was Hollywood buff, I loved all of those movies but now theyfre just meaningless because I know whatfs going on right now actually has purpose and has a meaning and there are consequences and once this story is told on whatfs happening in the world right now, and all of the powers that are battling each other, it will be the greatest story ever told.

Itfs like for instance I saw something on History Channel talking about how the CIA helped Disney buy all the swampland in Florida. Well, why on earth would they do that?

(One of Disneyfs lawyers)
The lawyers in charge of purchasing the parcels had served in military intelligence during World War two, and knew how to keep a secret and they used several different companies, none with Disneyfs name to acquire the properties.

Now I go down this rabbit hole of what does the CIA have to do with it Hollywood or at least with the Disney. Washington DC is definitely in Hollywood. I have seen the documents of the DoD and the CIA writing to the studio heads guiding them in certain fashion.

Therefs a lot of things that people talk about that are a conspiracy theory but therefs some things that ring true with me. Itfs like goh, that makes a lot of sense.h

Another program developed by the CIA after World War two was called operation Paperclip. Itfs been depicted in many movies including Disneyfs and Marvel series. This

gThis Operation Paperclip after world war two shield recruited German scientists with strategic value.h

Operation Paperclip and this is something people need to know because it has been so covered up and mocked and berated and claimed to be a conspiracy theory. And by the way the term labelling people as conspiracy theorists was invented by the CIA to deflect any attention over the JFK assassination. They invented that word as a way to shut down any scrutiny or this critical investigation of what they were doing. So they started that whole ball rolling. In terms of Operation Paperclip it is documented, therefs absolutely no question about it. Allen Dulles, CIA director was associate of Heinrich Himmler of the Third Reich. So what Dulles proceeded to do when the Third Reich was brought down was he secretly brought all of the top Nazi scientists into the U.S. He falsified their files that he gave to Harry Truman making them look like there were no war crimes. They brought these Nazi scientists into the CIA to work for the CIA that includes the human experiments they conducted on Jewish men, women and children and the psychological studies that these Nazi scientists had done. The CIA was using expertise for these programs through Operation Paperclip. And this was Nazi, much of it are occult beliefs that the CIA adopted and actually put these people on their payroll.

One of the programs that came out of Operation Paperclip was MKULTRA. Now MKULTRA was a very complex program that dealt with human experiments and mind manipulation.

gAs this 1952 CIA memo says, the aim is controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will. And even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation.h

In the church committee, MKULTRA came out as an actual program of mind-control using mental, physical and sexual abuse, and psychotropic drugs.

gIt was one of the first times that anybody had run into a powerful drug, that was different. Anything else that they knew anything about.h

gA decision was made at the highest levels of the CIA to do testing on unwitting Americans. At Ravenfs Craig, Dr. Cameron went further with drugs and electric shock treatments than any researchers in the MKULTRA project dared. His aim was to wipe the mind clean. Then he would implant new messages by forcing the patient to listen to a hypnotic repetition as many as a quarter of a million times. This was called psychic driving.

gIt would give the patient intensive electric treatment. He would attempt to implant new ideas in the mind of the patient.h

gTo a layman, it would appear that Dr. Cameron was trying to take the slate, wipe it clean, a slate being the mind, in other words, brainwashing.h

gExactly. yes.h

gYou are doing fine, just try to describe it.h

gHow do you feel inside?h gIfm never in inside.h

gNobody explained it to me, nobody ever asked me if I was willing to do it or anything.h

gThey put me on sleep treatment. And they kept you sleep for 23 days and while I was in a state they were shocking the heck out of me with electric shocks and playing tapes.h

gIt was really like a concentration camp.h

gNothing for you to watch here but youfre gonna talk to me as we go along.h

They couldnft go any further because CIA director Richard Helms destroyed all the CIAfs MKULTRA documents. And they had to rely on coached witnesses. So they were never able to deep dig even deeper what they got was bad enough. It was never terminated, therefs no evidence that it was ever terminated. No documents, no nothing and not even an admission by the CIA that has been terminated.

gHow do you feel?h gIfm feeling better, thank you.h

gAre you sleeping well?h gYeah, Ifm sleeping better now.h

gIt could disable a whole city by putting a very small amount on a water supply. After all of these years of us, those of us who involved and then looking for this secret drug, this was the only thing that I began to look for the first time like it might be something like that.h

So MKULTRA was one of the hardest programs for me to wrap my head around because itfs a lot of subsets programs. And I was really surprised that Brad martin knew about MKULTRA.

People think that research people are crazy for talking about MKULTRA, mind control. Even if they acknowledge that that existed, they go home well, that ended in the 70s. Thatfs a crock of shit. And gperhaps the worldfs only hope of stopping a sinister assassination plot.h

The movie that I did involving that topic was Zoolander.

gFashion industries have been behind every major political assassination over the last two hundred years.h

At the time I was making a comedy and I had no idea what I was involved with but now looking back on the movie, Ifm blown away at just the propaganda.

gDoes anyone notice this? I feel like Ifm taking crazy pills!h

In a movie like Zoolander, when theyfre showing you that theyfre controlling Derek Zoolanderfs mind through mind control, you realize that theyfre trying to desensitize you and to make you think that what youfre watching is fiction because itfs in a comedy.

Like a mass in Peoria their purpose is to capture the minds of the people and fee them false history. The CIA is funneling information into Hollywood, Hollywood is putting out in the movies and the population believes it.

All right, so look. Here is the deal. They have been desensitizing us since we were born. And Ifll give you some examples. Letfs start with the big one. Letfs start with words we hear all the time and never even think about. Letfs start with the word entertainment. To entertain. What does that mean? To bind or hold, to bind or what, an audiencefs attention. Okay. Now letfs take the word Hollywood. Where does that come from? Well Hollywood comes from the holly tree and the ancient druids back in the day used to take the holly tree, make wands to weave spells, cast spells or channel spells. When they needed help, they would consult the Magi or the mediums of the day to help channel their spells to the population. Wefll cut to today. What do we have in our houses? We had these black boxes, what do they call? TVs. But if you stop and you say the word, tell a vision, television. And when you turn on that television, what do you get? Whatfs the first thing that pops up? A list of channels. And when you turn on those channels, whatfs on those channels? Programming. They are programming you, theyfve been programming your whole life you donft even know it. They do it with your music, they do it with your TV, they do it with your movies, they do it with your games, they have been programming us and programming you since you were little and you donft even know it because you donft even question.

The Allegory of the Cave


Starting in 1900 we entered a previously unimaginable time of modern technology. Advances that allow the rulers of this world to construct and direct our stories in ways we previously never imagined. As a result, new techniques to control the population were realized. These are the people from the companies that we have trusted to deliver us our news and tell our stories. This has always been about controlling what we as the population think in here. They helped create our culture and influence our society. We as citizens only trust them because as a society we think that the gatekeepers have our best interests in mind.

gThe dangerous, you know, the edges here are that hefs trying to undermine the media, trying to make up his own facts and it could be that while unemployment rate and the economy worsens. He could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually controls exactly what people think. And that is our job.

As I was researching, I found that most of the early communication companies were developed for shipping and aviation and a lot of the men that started these companies were commissioned by the military during World War one and World War two. Many of these men work for the Army and Navy intelligence services along with the OSS which we know became the CIA. There were many examples of these men becoming the heads of founders of some of the biggest motion picture and media companies before and after their government or military service. I wanted to know how many of the media companies in todayfs world connected back to Washington. So I started looking. It was like a family tree that connections between our government personnel and the media corporations was unbelievable. Google, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, CNN, ABC, so what would happen if all these companies had the same political ideology or agenda?

We as this population like to hear people confirm our confirmation biases. We like to hear people tell us that wefre right, we donft like to be wrong. And we believe that the people on the media and people that were listening to have our best interests in mind. The problem is what they donft. So you stop and think about it, they can place any agenda on the population that they choose.

gI think that Hollywood is teaching bad morals to the youth of this country as well as adults. Desensitizing of violence to the masses. You canft deny that. My kids have seen so many people get killed in very violent ways.h gThree times as much gun violence now.h

And the sex thatfs in pg-13 news.

Every Disney movie, therefs a major character. Usually parents that gets killed. Trauma to the child, why itfs so horrible, what a bad story. Why do you need to start a story with a parent dying always. Itfs so sad.

Under MKULTRA they experimented on children. We were even taught this in psychophysiology program. If you get to a child between ages 1 and 6 or 1 or 8 with especially with sexual abuse or sexual trauma, you will split their personality and the will be imprinted, the rest of their life and many times that results in split personalities and disassociative behavior and other things.

These occult topics are being induced our kids and most parents arenft even aware of it.

So the biggest surge with this occult type material took place in the 60s and in the early 70s with movies like the Exorcist, Amityville Horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Roman Polanskifs Rosemaryfs Baby. And coincidentally, the same time period, it parallels the rise of the Church of Satan in Los Angeles and it was founded by a guy named Anton Lavey.

When I was a police officer, we had cases of satanic cults right in Arlington Virginia. Those have been around for decades. Theyfre in the high schools, theyfre in the collegefs, theyfre in the government and theyfre in Hollywood.

gIfve got to meet people like Sammy Davis and that kind of shit. Sammy told me he worship the devil sandy was like, you know, Satan is as powerful as God. I was like gwhat the fuck are you talking about?h gTherefs so much anger in the world and the killing and murder and a Satan and, he saw my reaction to it that he kind of lightened up on it and he was like if dantana this dark is that the candles on the table. Sammyfs face over the camera, you know, Satan is as powerful as God.

gFrom our point of view, it really makes no difference whether you pray to a Father God or to a mother Goddess or to an entire gaggle of gods and goddesses.h

Michael Aquino was a high-level officer in the National Security Agency. He was and is youfll see him today a practicing Satanist. He created the Satanic temple of set which he still runs. He was a high-level NSA officer, hefs a member of the Association. I used to be in the Association, two former intelligence officers, hefs a member of that plugged in big-time intelligence community and he wrote a paper called mind war. And mind war was about psychological operations against populations including the American the domestic population using Satanist techniques and tools. Pokeno was first involved in MK ULTRA operations during the Vietnam War as part of the Phoenix program.

gWell, first Ifve been involved in intelligence and psychological operations for about 40 years in all levels of it and across the intelligence community.h

gYou are a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. g gCorrect.h

gNow how does the army feel about you being head of the temple of set?h

gThe army is not about my religion, the entire span of my army career which began in 1968. The army has paid very little attention to it the same as I would to anybody who say of our Hinduism or of Buddhism or any other slightly unusual originally today.

He was occupied a position at the Presidio which was a training facility for the US government and it was uncovered that he was running a pedophile ring. I think 50 kids came out and fingered him as the guy that had done sexual acts on them as children. It went to trial, he walked from the trial successfully because he had a good attorney despite the fact that there were multiple witnesses that said Aquino, through satanic rituals, had abused them as children. Therefs question that hefs a practicing Satanist just watch any one of his interviews.

gOn this author is one of a number of daggers which we may use in our rituals. This one happened to belong to the commanding general of the most elite unit of Germanyfs infamous SS, which was concerned with black magic and their cultists research in general. Anything that it could find that had to do with the origins of the human race, destiny of humanity.h

gThe perverted view of the account held by Heinrich Himmler was of an evil magic that could help create a new master race. Vailsburg castle is where he performed his ceremonies.h

gI have been to the Vailsburg which still preserves Heinrich Himmlerfs ritual chambers to this day. And have conducted a black magical ritual in the so called Hall of the Dead beneath the Vailsburg.h

gThis particular dagger is inscribed to our comrade in the latest centaur Tefo Darvish. You got if youfre a major general in the Warfare in SS. And on its blade, it bears the inscription emine era heist ROI or my honor shall be known by my faithfulness.

Aquinofs thesis stated that enemy population could be subdued by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of imminent destruction, he discusses the use of cyclotron weapons, electromagnetic weapons that influence the mind. By extremely low frequency signals piggybacked on broadcast and radio TV o microwave communications in order to influence and manipulate the thoughts and feelings of the target population. These ongoing MKULTRA operations are functioning as a counterinsurgency infiltration operation aimed at destabilizing the United States and other industrialized nations.

I give the CIA a total credit for sponsoring and initiating the entire consciousness movement, counterculture events of the 1960s.

gHistory will judge the role of the CIA and other intelligence agencies in unwittingly contributing to the counterculture of the 60s for their intense interest in LSD and other hallucinogenics. But for the moment at least, the argument can be made that the CIA helped usher in the age of Aquarius.h

gOh, Canyon was the epitome of the Summer of Love, I mean we saw the possibility of the way we could live. Itfs odd because in Laurel Canyon so many of the soon-to-be stars there. Their parents were in either the military industrial complex or intelligence or the Pentagon in Frank Zappafs case. His dad was working Edgewood Arsenal where they were doing biochemistry study, psychotropic and exposing US troops to VX nerve gas and other things. The family kept gas masks in their house. He grew up with that in case there was an accident, and Edgewood Arsenal was doing this very similar related to MKULTRA projects on US troops. The gulf of Tonkin is another prime example. The commander of the gulf fleet in the gulf of Tonkin, his son was Jim Morrison. They claimed the USS Maddox was attacked by Vietnamese vessels. It was never attacked as a matter of fact. They put ghost ships on the radar to make it look like they were Vietnamese ships. The Maddox was never attacked, it was an actual literal false flag to enable the U.S. to declare war on Vietnam. So Jim Morrisonfs dad was involved in the false flag of the Gulf of Tonkin.

After talking to Kevin I started looking into Laurel Canyon I drove down Laurel Canyon to Hollywood almost daily, when I would first moved out there and I never knew that there was an old Air Force Base called Lookout Mountain US Air Force Base at the top of Laurel Canyon. And whatfs funny is as if you do the history of it. Itfs owned today by a guy named Jared Leto.

gAnother tactic developed out of the MKULTRA project with the use of compromise and control via honey pots.h

gThe decision was made to do testing on unwitting victims. It was decided they should be on the fringes of society because they were most vulnerable.h

gWe did quite a study of prostitutes and their behavior. How do you take a woman who was willing to use her body to get money out of a guy to get him to talk about things which are much more important like state secrets? We learned a lot about human nature in the bedroom. We started to pick up knowledge that could be used in operations.h

gThere would be victims in all of this as one agency memo says ewe have no answer to the moral question.h

Thatfs one of the CIAfs favorite tactic are honey pots. I worked with CIA psychologists and theyfre dirty. I always felt that every house could have its own secret panel.

gI see you lift this up mm.h gThe trapdoor opens up and looks into the cave or what time is called wool grout.h

gTheyfre running blackmail operations where theyfre getting well-known, government and private industry lead people in compromising positions at Playboy Mansion on Epsteinfs plane on orgy island and theyfre photographing them. And after that itfs like congressman so-and-so or CEO so-and-so. I wouldnft bring that up if I was you because we got photographs of you with a 14 year old girl on Epsteinfs plane, for example. And you talk about shutting somebody up permanently. Thatfs how they do it.

Itfs pretty simple if you think about it to control the population. You have to control the people messaging the population. Some of these stars have twenty thirty million followers. Thatfs more followers than CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, these people have to be controlled. They canft just go off message and start saying whatever they want to say. They have to be somewhat reined in. They have to be controlled or they do not get the platform to have the voice that they have.

gForget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You donft. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations, theyfve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls. They got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear. They got you by the ball. Itfs a big club. And you ainft in it are you? You and I are not in the big club. By the way itfs the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe all day long, beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. Good honest hard-working people, white-collar, blue-collar doesnft matter what color shirt you have on. Good honest hard-working people continue. These are people of modest means to continue to elect these rich cock suckers who donft give a fuck about them. They donft care about you at all, at all, at all.

Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. Thatfs what the honors count on. The fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant because the owners of this country know the truth, itfs called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Stop for a second you just look at the bigger picture and you check out for a minute and you kind of compare the ancient times to today, well back then they had like what demigods and gods they were like Achilles, Hercules, Apollo, mercury, all these were demagogues. And thatfs who the people in those days looked up to. Today we have all these people like jay-z, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry. In film we have Brad Pitt, Will Smith, we have all these big stars and the way they prop them up and they put them up on stages like their gods or demigods.

gIn this room are some of the most important TV and film executives in the world. People from every background but they all have one thing in common. Theyfre all terrified of Ronan Farrow. Hefs coming for you. Hefs coming for you. Look. Talking of all you perverts, it was a big year for pedophile movies. Surviving R.Kelly, leaving Neverland, two popes. Shut up, shut up. I donft care. I donft care.

Most people donft want to cross the psychological line that this stuff is going on and we all have a mental defense mechanism. Itfs like finally admitting therefs an elite pedophile ring. I mean most people just donft want o go there and the same is here. You psychologically you lose your safety, your security and whatever innocence you have, when you realize that this stuff is really going on and itfs chore to cross over that dairy and realize goh my gosh this stuff is really happening. And thatfs why it takes critical thinking. The people have got to look at this stuff critically and see what theyfre being fed, so they can cross that psychological line that they just refused to see it when itfs right in front of them.

When Kevin said therefs an elite pedophile ring, Ifm thinking to myself, this is, this is a hard thing for me to come to terms with. Now it made me start thinking about conversations and things Ifd heard but Ifd never saw it. Itfs not out in the open. And to me I was like gno one could do that because I mean if I saw someone hurting a kid I would kill them, literally, kill them. I would never allow someone to hurt a child in front of me. g Thinks what Kevin were saying were things that were hard for me to cross the barrier. I did not want to believe it. I didnft want to go there but as I went down this journey I forced myself to go consider what if this is real. And the only person that was talking about this stuff was a girl named Liz Croakin. And the media had declared her completely out of her mind, but as I started researching some of the things she was reporting on, I was like there, therefs truth to what shefs saying. So I wanted to talk to her.

I started working in journalism at a very young age. I got my first job working for Fox Chicago at about the age of 17 years old. At the University of Iowa I studied political science and journalism. One semester I interned for Bill OfReilly at Fox News Channel my last year in college. I interned for the State Departmentfs White House reporter and that placed me reporting in the White House every single day for a few months. I went on to work for the Chicago Tribune. And my first boss there told me that everything that I should get sould be checked over and over and over again and verified to death. Thatfs how I was trained and thatfs what a true honest journalist does. I started covering local politics and local hard news and then eventually I got my own column for seven years, where I interviewed tons of celebrities and politicians and musicians and worked at US Weekly and then at one point I worked at InTouch Weekly magazine but then 2015, I felt the need to get back into covering hard news. In early 2016 I started working for Town Hall and then eventually started working for the NewYork Observer and brought a lot of election related stories. I worked in media for over two decades and I never had any issues. I was very well respected. I basically was embraced by the mainstream media until I started reporting on pizza gate.

Now when Pizza Gate came out, the media tried to turn pizza gate into something that wasnft.

gSurprises of the presidential campaign was the explosion of fake news on the Internet. g

gTwenty-eight-year old Edgar Welch was arrested in Washington Sunday afternoon outside Comet ping-pong, a popular family pizza parlor. DC police say Welch fired at least one round into the restaurant floor with an ar-15 rifle like this one on his Facebook page. No one was injured.h

gSomeone on twitter whose name remains unverified but has several thousand followers posted that new emails found on Anthony Weinerfs computer confirmed that Hilary Clinton was involved in a pedophilia ring. The rumor spread, inspiring some newfound internet sleuths to start digging around in John Podestafs hacked emails searching for proof and location of the so-called sex ring.h

gIn those emails they are absolutely littered with code words and many of these cold words are food words such as pizza.h

gSomebody said to me ghey Dave, search for pizza and Podestafs emails, and once you go down that rabbit hole you never really emerged the same person.h

gIt was obvious from the get-go that these words were code words for something else because the context that they were used in did not make sense.h

gTo be clear, not one single email in the Podesta emails discusses child sex trafficking or pedophilia. That is a fact. But there are dozens of what seemed to be strangely worded emails dealing with pizza and handkerchiefs. Investigators say that those words in the emails about pizza and the talk of handkerchiefs is code language used by pedophiles.h

gThere is some kind of code language theyfre just not talking about pizza, folks. A few phrase is that who box out an hour of time to eat a slice of pizza.h

You can get a service for a half an hour, you can get a massage for a half an hour. But you canft get food for half an hour, it just absolutely makes no sense.

gTherefs ones like the realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems Pizza related. And another one is Obama spent $65000 flying in pizza and hot dogs from Chicago. Are we using the same channels?h

Pizza is a well-known pedophile code word that actually has been used by law enforcement to arrest online sexual predators of children. And therefs been multiple arrests that have been made by law enforcement of pedophiles trying to solicit children by using the pedophile code word Pizza.

g2007, unclassified FBI document that document according to the FBI contains commonly used symbols by pedophiles to express their preference and children. Notice this one in the triangle. That image signify something called boy love. The pizza place next door to comet ping-pong pizza. Thatfs the pizza. Well this, was their logo. Until only a few weeks ago.

gPeople donft know that because the mainstream media refuses to cover it.h

The entire mainstream media redefined what pizza gate was to make it sound ridiculous, less believable and then they had people like Megan Kelly come in. Interview James Alphonsus, didnft ask him any challenging questions. gA conspiracy theory that even the DC police say has no basis in fact. She didnft ask him any questions about the pictures of children on his Instagram page, looking abused being sexualized. She didnft ask him about the pedophile talk. So the whole mainstream media painted him as this poor victim, as this person that was innocent, just victimized as something that wasnft true. But just his Instagram page alone should have been enough for authorities to look into him.

gInvestigators have already proven therefs nothing to this story right? Actually no. And thatfs what you need to know. For all that is here there has not been one single public investigation of any of this. Not from local police, not from the FBI, no one. And that has to be the big question. Not for Podesta or for pizza parlor owners but for law enforcement based on what maybe or may not be here. The big question is why hasnft any investigation taking place?h

gThis is insaneh

So many people in the mainstream media have said pizza gate, conspiracy theory, pizza gate has been debunked. It has not been debunked. If itfs debunked, explain the code words. No one to his day including John Podesta himself can explain the code words in his emails.

gHey, John Podesta. Can you please explain why you have children rented for entertainment, for your adult hot tub parties. No one has ever explained why John Podesta has literal pedophile cannibalism paintings all over his office and his home. Tony Podesta too?h

gThen you look into the spirit cooking dinners when you look into Marina Abramovic who the one that was conducting the spirit cooking dinners. Why are they going to spirit cooking dinners. Why are they sacrificing chicken and some more in their backyard. This isnft my words. This is their words. This is in their emails.h

Ifd be willing to debate anyone who thinks that pizza gate has been debunked.

gYou asked me when, how am I getting additional briefings that was the first and last timech

gOctober ninth, is the last time you have heard from the FBI at all.h


gYou have not got an update of investigation in your personal email?h

gThat is correct.h

So not only did the mainstream media lie to you about pizza gate, they actually told you that it was illegal to read John Podestafs emails on WikiLeaks. Chris Cuomo with a straight face on CNN, looked into the cameras and said, gitfs illegal for you to read John Podestafs emails.h

gAlso interesting is, remember, itfs illegal to possess these stolen documents. Itfs different from the media. So everything you learn about this, youfre learning from us.

Thatfs how scared they are of those emails and thatfs how explosive the content in those emails are. That they felt the need that they had to tell you you could not read those emails and if you do, you might get arrested. Lie.

gItfs different from the media. So everything you learn about this, youfre learning from us.h

People that blow the whistle on elite pedophiles tend to have accidents and a lot of people have died mysteriously.

gNBC News has learned that disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Epstein took his own life while he was behind bars.h

gTherefs absolutely no excuses what happened to me, was mind-boggling. The guy was a high-risk prisoner, wasnft he? I mean, hefs a guy that there are probably 50 very important people that have a motive to kill. We donft even know who they are, itfs true. But we know there are some people that are in a lot of trouble because of Epstein. They know who they are.h

His flight logs contain names of some of the biggest most famous and most powerful people on the planet. Members of the royal family, Prince Andrew, Mottos like Naomi Campbell, famous actors like Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton on those flight logs over 25 times. Hilary Clinton, shefs also been to the islands, so the bigger question is how many people that went on his private jet went to his private island that went to his massive ranch in New Mexico, who were also involved in the rape torture and trafficking of children.

gIt hides in plain sight. Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing but we had no one, there was no legal aspect that would go after him for whatever reason they were afraid.h

The amazing thing about Cindy McCain is that her husband was a senator. She was on a board with the governor of Texas. She knew about Jeffrey Epstein, she did nothing. And her organization, the role of her organization is supposed to be to stop people like Jeffrey Epstein. They all knew. They did nothing about it when Ricky Gervais said at the Golden Globes, gyoufre all friends of Jeffrey Epstein, he wasnft lying. So in the end he obviously didnft kill himself, just like Jeffrey Epstein. Shut up, I know hefs your friend but I donft care. You got to make your own way air in your own plane didnft you?h

How many of those elites have been to his island? Not only is the mainstream media complicit, I would argue that there are accessories in the crimes against children.

gShe told me everything, she had pictures, she had everything, she was in hiding for 12 years, we convinced her to come out, we convinced her to talk to us. It was unbelievable, what we had Clinton. We had everything. I tried for three years to get it on to no avail. And now itfs all coming out and itfs like these new revelations and I freaking had all of it. I, Ifm so pissed right now. Like everyday I get more and more pissed cause Ifm just like, gOh my God, we, it was what, what we had was unreal. Brad Edwards(Giuffrefs Lawyer), the attorney, three years ago, saying like, like we, there will come a day, when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known. I had it all three years ago.h

Then what happened in early 2018, Keith Renier who ran the nexium child sex trafficking cult was arrested. Who else was arrested? Alison Mac, she was a famous celebrity who was on Smallllville. She was also arrested for being a member of this cult that was involved in trafficking children. And not only trafficking children, they were running preschools down in Mexico. And Nexium is another example of how these elite pedophile rings exist. Because this was a massive organization, this was funded by really wealthy people including the Seagram Erisfs, Nancy Salzman, Claire Bronfman. So obviously, they were using those preschools to traffic children. The cult also engaged in human torture experiments on some of their members and there actually was a civil lawsuit that was filed by 90 of their victims just other day. So I imagine you are gonna hear more about the human experiments, the torturing, the sexual abuse and the child sex trafficking in this civil lawsuit and a lot of the techniques that we see in this cult are very similar to the techniques that out government used in the MKULTRA program.

gIt was a branding women with Keithfs initials and they were like gwhatfs the bad thing exactly about that?h Everyone outside world, aka the real world is like that branding women? So I left, I went to the Executive Board and I said I want my photos back, my videos back, the branding session was filmed. I want all of that back want my collateral back. None of that happened.h

Itfs the same fear mind control and youfll be destroyed if you cross, get into the upper elites and if you get to that point, if you start revealing anything, they have the same system to completely destroy you, destroy your career, blackmail you like Epstein. Keep you, catch you, film you in compromising positions and this goes both within Hollywood and celebrities and some of the elite and it also goes on in Congress and the Senate. And if they even insinuate that theyfre going to reveal some of these things theyfre done.

gA lot of people here tonight feel like they are lost. You know what? You shall get lied to. Google lie to you. Facebook lie to you. Radio lie to you.h

The powerful people that beat whether itfs the music industry, or the movie industry, you are only allowed a certain level of success, if you are willing to join their club, if youfre willing to be part of their secret society or if youfre compromised. They will not let someone obtain a lot of fame in and power if they canft control you.

A classic example that at least for me is Katy Perry. Katy Perry was a gospel singer, very talented. But she was going nowhere. And she got up to Hollywood and basically they said you want to be a success? You play by our rules. You step into the occult and you start putting that in your videos and now shefs doing videos with her in hell with satanic themes. And shefs what? Highly successful. You see that over with Lady Gaga who came out and actually said she was so tired of being handled and manipulated. She had to take a break. gThat this young, outrageous girl wear strange clothes. Shefs into extremes. She is experimental. She had 43 million people on the Twitter, following her whatever she do. Little monsters. And she came really very humble to my house and asked me if I could teach her. We made this workshop in the woods. And she was such a good student. She never cheat. She really went much farther than I asked her.h

gShe is a limitless human being as myself, as self-proclaimed pop performance artist. Wanna go home and slit my wrists and I, you know, I have nothing, I have achieved no sense of art. She is so boundless.h

g14 year olds who never heard of performance art are now interested in my work because of Lady Gaga. So thatfs how I emerged into the mass culture.h

Marina Abramovic of course is in the Podesta emails and shefs the one that conducts the spirit cooking, dinners. She said that Marina did an exercise with her where she stripped her completely naked and left her in the middle of the woods to fend for herself and find her way back. Those are the kinds of things that people who are behind MKULTRA programs do to children that their mind controlling. We know Marina Abramavic is a Satanist, you google Marine Abramovichfs name and spirit cooking, and you will find hundreds of pictures of Marina Abramovic events where they will have for example cake that looks like a human being and theyfll depict human cannibalism and they claim theyfre not engaging in cannibalism. And you will find A-list actors, famous politicians and other very famous and successful, powerful business people at her events. They literally food that look like human beings on dinner tables.

gHefs Italian and Greek, I mean, you know, and a very good cook, a very good cook. And Ifm sure therefs something very nefarious about that risotto recipe soch

After I started researching that cult, I learned that Satanist believe that they have to reveal who they are in some way, shape or form. So that is why we see a lot of these occult members in Hollywood constantly flaunting symbolism. We see the pyramid, ???, we see the evil one eye constantly. Itfs always on the cover of magazines, we see these are supposed to be the 666 devil symbols, we constantly see those symbols. We also see pedophile symbols, the swirl or the triangle within a triangle.

We also see a lot of these members of the cult go on their social media and they talk about raping children. They talk about worshipping Satan and people write it off as joke but theyfre not joking. I donft care if youfre a major comedian. You canft tell me thatfs funny, because there is no joke about raping children, thatfs funny.

gYou donft know what that is.h gI have no ideas.h

gYou donft know David Letterman doesnft know, you donft know, all the comics and show business donft know what this is.h

Take guts to put out a film that does this because no one has done it up until now, but when thatfs done and people see these facts and they say gmy gosh, I didnft know that.h I didnft know about the Gulf of Tonkin, I didnft know that about the Vietnam War.h My gosh and they go in, they check it out itfs all true. And now theyfre seeing the dots, a big and a good film will teach them how to practice critical thinking to analyze what youfre watching if we can get people to analyze what theyfre watching, wefve crossed a huge hurdle. Because once they start analyzing it, theyfre gonna see the dots and typically the dots will connect themselves.

Liz Crow can put herself so far out in front that she was mocked, she was laughed at, she was called crazy. Let me ask you a question, for all those people that did that to Liz. Does she seem so crazy now?

When you put all of those facts together and you use critical thinking, you realize this stuff is real. Therefs not one smoking gun, therefs many small smoking guns that you have to piece together and you have to use critical thinking to understand this stuff is real. So again, the bigger question is now that Jeffrey Epstein has been exposed and hefs allegedly dead, how many of his friends there were frequent visitors on his sex trafficking islands, were also involved in the rape, torture and trafficking of children. Thatfs what pizza gate is.

I guess what Ifm asking you all to do is just disconnect for a second, stand back, look at the lyrics of your songs, look at the agendas of the movies, look at the messages of the media youfre absorbing. Because itfs impossible to say that all of itfs bad like all Hollywoodfs bad, thatfs not true. Itfs like saying all the CIAfs bad. Therefs a lot of good people that work in both industries that arenft bad people. But if the people that control the narratives and the agendas are not good people and they have different agendas, they can put that on you and you wonft even notice it unless you stand back and look at things objectively.

I canft compromise anymore. That for me thatfs not what life is about. I want to send a good message to my kids and I want them to know that at the end of the day, their dad did what was right. And their dad fought for the good things in life. If I could get the opportunity to make movies that send out good messages and then people start realizing that they can be good. And that they can jump on the bandwagon of good. That thatfs the next phase people start believing it. Itfs the same thing with desensitizing with the violence, people start believing that itfs okay to kill somebody or watching somebody die isnft a big deal. You serve when people arenft helping other people in need on the streets. Therefs a problem in this world. But this could all be changed right now. The reason why Ifm doing this documentary is because I want to be of the first people that come out and say ghey, it doesnft have to be like this. We are good people. Humans are good. We can make the world a better place because the money and the technology to make this world a better place is there. Itfs just been covered up for and controlled for so long. That is time for it to come out and maybe Ifm the catalyst for something better.

What does the media look like in the future? Well, to me, what I would hope is that itfs not filtered. I would love to build a platform or build some sort of system where artists could connect directly connect to the audience. I want to make products and tell stories that bring humanity together. That bring compassion, that bring love, that bring forgiveness, that bring inspiration and courage back to the audience without having the influence of violence or gratuitous sex or gratuitous death or horror, because those are things and images that get stored in our psyche and our soul. And I donft think thatfs the way that this earth was intended to be.

The Truth is Learned Never Told.

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