Would you like to be of character?


Then, you may want to respect your character as you do others.By the way, I have lots of experiences to know better of human bodies. I have gone through massage, nursing of the aged and the handicapped as job, while encountering various professionals, including spiritual healers of course.

A realization came to me all of sudden, ghow long has nothing to do with technical growth,if without character and passion.h

Just matters how long you have learnt something with character and passion. Even if staying with acclaimed people of wide learning, if you donft keep yourself with character and passion, you not only waist time, but also your passion and character are utilized by those who want to meet their desires,because you have gained only skin-deep experience.

Let us now look back to education styles of Japand and your country, people of the developed countries.

What do you think about school education?

I think it gives students some opportunities to know great fruits and hardships of various people. In science, someone sways a flask when they find germs. In gymnastics, students learn about concerns in physical work and communication with senses through sports.

Mathematics gives them formulae and tools for calculation, which help them to notice a minute change of natural and social environments.There at school are lots of subjects.

But as you know the school education funded by the government has produced slavic mind for rulers to control people.

It is often said that many recommendation letters, connections of relatives at a big company and big money are all required to go through education even slightly out of rule.

This education system nurtures passion of learning, knowing new things, realizing what was once impossible. Hope buds out in mind. But next the system exploits motivation. This has been concerned in recent Japan.

Rulers exploit passion, expunging character of humans.How? They apparently get close to you while they look receptive about character, but never accept your soul growth behind the curtain.

Characters made and refined to shine through hard lives. Rulers remove characters, abandoning souls of character. They fear of outgrowth of others, rejecting them, building social environments that try equip people with a sense of inferiority.

For example, rulers have built this world so that people come to think youfre crazy, as soon as you say likegIsnft there only one god?hhIs vaccination intoxication?h Monotheism, however, didnft get popular in Japan.

This is because Japan has solar god, ocean god and Yamato-takeru, a brother of solar god Amaterasu, who killed monsters while he killed people as a joke for a certain period of time. Japan is familiar to polytheism.

Even god can be good and evil as well, which is widely accepted by Japanese people.

In the Edo period of Japan, Japanese people thought that evangelists coming here are great but thought God is not only one. Christ may have existed, but there will be other gods. This is why Christianity propaganda didnft spread.

After the two World wars, what is called Cabal kept trying to infuse Japanese people with a sense of inferiority, saying American entertainment is great, the sophisticated culture of the U.K.is amazing. Japan excels in devotional mind to stay humble and bow as they produce various services.

Hideous were some propagandic TV programs from Japanese broadcast to praise Japan.

A Japanese woman who lived in France was asked gWould you like to go back to Japan?h, hTell us some good points of Japanh, then she quipped gIt was not my fit, I wouldnft like to go back, Japanese good points are no good.h

In the aftermath, a videoclip without this scene was broadcast as a Japanese woman who convey Japanese goodness overseas. This was accused by the Japanese woman with France nationality on twitter.

Do you have something similar to this? Some media broadcast like gAmerican good points, Canadian good points, British good points are like these.h Such broadcasting and TV programs are laid out as propaganda that rulers have made to control people.

A Canadian man staying at Japan said something like this gin my country, children are educated to grow up to swiftly become adults.h

What stand out in English-spoken countries TV programs areetoo dramatic romancefand ea growing hero.fWhat stand out in Japan are eteamwork for business success,fand econflicts among family members and relatives.f

Watching English-spoken countriesfworks, there lis a world where constant ecstacy was cherished and a hero can beat monsters all by himself. Marvel members look cooperative, everybody seems powerful, but on the other hand Japanese here is at first feeble, so fellow members are necessary to win, which is a typical story.

I have much to say. There are more dramas that relatives kill each other than people overseas expect. There are more works that family members kill each other when enraged than works that killing happens for a son.

Keep you away at one time from propaganda education youfve got and Hollywood movies to supplement it.

The reason why I talked about this is because I want you to be characteristic.

You have freedom of choice.Whatever education or propagandic movies. No matter what opponents broadcast, you have a choice to watch something different from them. Claim this again at will.


Which dimension would your thought like to sympathize with?
Today which dimension would you immerse yourself in, you can decide.

You may say gI am American,h gI am Japanese.h Souls have no nationality. Everyone was born in the same universe. Souls sprung in the void universe, the birth planet is the second home place. We are all the same galactic beings.

That said, you can choose which field, which dimension color in the galaxy you would insert into your soul.

Let me tell you again. Character is not a genomic tendency, not life environment. In soul there lies no system of value. Each of what you think and choose emerges onto aura field, and this pile of aura fields color become your characteristic color.

Character is not something God decides. It is what you chose with passion.

Dimension colors which were not chosen donft have a place in your soul, never. Rulers make you think they are within you, but rulers have no control over the choice. Rulers may be able to restrict choice of colors, but they canft exclude dimension colors in the universe.

What dimension color do you want to make?Or would you like to tell the univer by mixing some colors?Ifm looking forward to character out of your choice.
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