7th chakra


Role: Connection to a high-dimension consciousness

To put it simply, high-dimension consciousness means connection to consciousness of god. Divine mind exists inside oneself, but this time it means connection to god other than a soul you have. That is, high-dimension god. We live in relation to various consciousnesses. Such connections give us diverse information.

4th chakra helps us receive spiritual and cosmic power for living, but 7th chakra helps us keep our mind clear, letting us stick to light among a lot of consciousnesses.
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6th chakra


Role: Intuition
6th chakra is an antenna that connects to sacred mentality where divinity lies. This is not about receiving cosmic energy directly; It is a place to receive a divine intention to promote balanced and peaceful growth of the universe through intuition.
If the intuition works well, his or her vibration is fine and high. What people of high vibration means here is of mercy, empathy, patience, gratitude and harmony. That is, 6th chakra opens the third eye.
This chakra energy has been instinctively applied to avoid physical danger, which comes from an idea to ‘feed one’s soul’ along with an divine intention, which harmonizes people beyond differences of faith.
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5th chakra

Role: Harmony
5th chakra organizes energies to make them harmonious throughout the body. The chakra keeps hormone balance. Hormones coordinates motion and rest of internal organs as stimulated by the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve. The chakra energy also harmonizes emotional acceptance of other’s mind and self-expression.
Communication with yourself, others and between internal organs. Every energy both outgoing and incoming is kept in control by the chakra.
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