4th chakra


Role: Air flow
Imagine the grass undulates by a breeze. Circulation of a heart, blood, bodily fluids and energy keep emitting what are no longer necessary out of the body by promoting breathing. This chakra is concerned of eairf, which is most important to keep pumping a heart.
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3rd chakra


Role: Receptors of love
This chakra is about love. Humans are born here to feel happy, a sense of fulfillment. No matter how much you read self-help books and become successful, you would never feel happy if this chakra never fulfills itself. Happiness takes various shapes. This chakra controls a want eto be happyf, which is the most important place to feel love.
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2nd chakra


Role: Power of realization
This chakra point is where emerge your confidence and a sense of acceptance into society. What you want to realize and some epiphanies often come from brains. However, it takes time to accumulate confidence, resiliency and physical pep from daily diet. This chakra preserves and nurtures your vigor to realize your ideas and ideals.
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