The birth of souls –individual gatherings of particles--


What on earth do dusts of energy get together, gain individuality, originate consciousness and give off radiation of ideas, developing thoughts for the better future?

Souls of ours sprang from ewish.f A cosmic being who gathered energetic dusts produced the souls for the future the galaxy itself wished to realize. Some call it e the creator,f and others eGod,f or ethe sun.f

You, your soul might have been produced only by a wish of somebody, or by a wish of a couple of beings.
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First of all (introduction)

cause you tried talking of love, perfectly.


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1st Chapter Guardian Spirit_Chemistry between Guardians

As explained before, you may have a framework of thought different from that of your guardian spirits, who try giving to you helping hand only to fail.
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‚Pst chapter Guardian spirits _Guardian spirits

 Your guardian spirits comprise a spirit of leadership, its supporter and an energy protector.
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History of Justification


   Intricacies of justification has woven every thread of human history. History is partly a narrative and in other sense a pile of facts. Narratives based on facts give people to acknowledge what happens.

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