Thought experiment: if you are called conspirator, what would you do?


@The majority of readers of this article might not run a company, but may have someone to teach how to work, guide or manage. I think conspiracy happens to the eyes of those in lower position in a hierarchy, as I wrote before. Then, what would you feel if you stand on the side who are called conspirator?

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Who are qualified to call some ideas conspiracy theories?


@As said in previous articles, conspiracy theories are something no less familiar to us than emotional conflicts among co-workers at ordinary companies.
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Life after death: 2


@By the way, have you heard of any conspiracy theories? Some people say that global warming is a fallacy; vaccination is evil; 9/11 terrorism was taken place with an aid of the U.S. and so on. Putting aside if these statements are true, the similar theories and outlooks on the world of spirit exist.
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Life after death


Life of none goes on without ever questioning what awaits and happens after death. Death is an event that what is called spirit or soul leaves the flesh. Yes, of course some people believe nothing happens at death, since death is just a physical incident that an organic thing just stops its operation as a creature. But here I would like to focus on what REALLY happen the moment human beings come to an end of life.
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The birth of souls –individual gatherings of particles--


What on earth do dusts of energy get together, gain individuality, originate consciousness and give off radiation of ideas, developing thoughts for the better future?

Souls of ours sprang from ewish.f A cosmic being who gathered energetic dusts produced the souls for the future the galaxy itself wished to realize. Some call it e the creator,f and others eGod,f or ethe sun.f

You, your soul might have been produced only by a wish of somebody, or by a wish of a couple of beings.
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